• +Service - Taxi
  • +Service - Business Taxi

+Service – Taxi

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘door to door’ for children and young people: travel + driver (protection) from home to schools, kindergartens sports clubs and other recreational facilities including return home (max 3 children) price of 60 PLN.

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘airport transfers’ for everyone: the passage from the residence, the hotel’s + driver (Nowy Sacz) Airport Crakow-Balice, Pyrzowice, Warsaw-Okecie (max 3 passengers + luggage) price from 380 PLN

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘airport support’ for everyone: a service for people who travel a little, do not have familiarity with airport, airline gates, or do not know airport procedures. They are stressed because of the trip. Transfer from residence, the hotel’s + driver to the airport, help in clearing luggage-passport, bring into the destination zone. SMS notification of any delays, the outlet and course briefing. In the event of cancellation of a flight, shuttle to the hotel and help in the re-organization of the next flight. Please note that an additional service to the ‘airport transfers’ (max 3 passengers + luggage) price from 140 PLN

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘protection’ for each: an additional service licensed security guard during the journey, bringing door-to-car and car-to-door * (max 2 persons) hourly price of 30 PLN

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘guardian angel’ for everyone: the service includes passing at least once a day around the address assigned to the service, visual inspection of the condition of the building, immediate reaction in case of broken windows, the broken doors, etc., And on request daily SMS report. Price from 30 PLN per month


 +Service – Business Taxi 

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘airport taxi service’ for business: we take you from work, business place, hotel + driver (Nowy Sacz) Airport Krakow-Balice, Pyrzowice, Warsaw-Okecie or between airports (max 3 passengers + luggage) price of 350 PLN

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘conference & banquet’ for business: we colect you from work, business place, hotel + driver (Nowy Sacz) to restaurants, convention center or other place, and return along with the waiting (max 3 passengers) price from 120 PLN (3 hours ., max 10 km)

  • +SERVICE+ Service ‘private VIP driver’ for business: renting a car + driver for a period 1-7days or longer exclusivly. Disposition 24H, unlimited mileage. Price from (please contact our head office:+48 504 325 888)