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Welcome to our customers zone. Here you will find all the necessary tools to verify your business expenses, print contracts, and order non-cash vouchers.

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Cashless TAXI for COMPANIES:

Thinking of large and small companies in the Beskid Sadecki and Nowy Sacz we have cash less taxi services for all businesses. To take full advantage of our cashless system, you must sign a contract for transport of taxis from the CAB PL and through vouchers and loyality cards to pass to your customers and employees all the benefits of these services. A very simple solution with benefits in the form of a rebate and a one-time settlement of invoiced monthly for your company. For more information and access to this services, please contact customer service:

CAB PL – Your Best Choice!



Individual customer

•Individual 10 PLN

•Individual 15 PLN

•Individual 25 PLN

Buisness customer

•Buisness 10 PLN + Extra 2 PLN

•Buisness 15 PLN + Extra 2,5 PLN

•Buisness 25 PLN + Extra 5 PLN


Pre-paid vouchers for Business

Non-cash vouchers for Business is one of the best solutions for each trader. If is it a hair salon or a car showroom, a hotel or restaurant, or maybe even accounting firm – this use of taxis is really for anyone who can leave the customer in a good impression, draw it again and achieve the desired goal. A very simple solution to buy pre-paid vouchers CAB PL of different denominations to be used for 6 months. Offer to corporate vouchers have a further advantage by buying our vouchers you get in proportion to the extra free. To order a pre-paid vouchers click and fill out a simple form.

Voucher firmowy TAXI


CAB PL – Your Best Choice!

Pre-paid vouchers for Individual Client

Not forgetting our individual clients, we have prepared an offer just for them on prepaid vouchers CAB PL. Our vouchers for private customers is the perfect solution for you and your family. If you already have a GOLD or SILVER loyality card, additional vouchers will be as comfortable and beneficjat. Our vouchers are a great option for parents who want to cashless their children or family safely traveled in our taxis in Nowy Sacz and the surrounding area without having to pay cash. Our company CAB PL Group ® introduces this system as first taxi company to market of Beskid Sadecki for your comfort. Simple and comfortable solutions is our domain. Comfort and luxury are already well-known brand of the group. We are proud that we can support local businesses and also take care of individual clients in our region. To order our pre-paid vouchers – you must fill out a simple form.

Voucher Taxi 10PLN


CAB PL Group ® – Your Best Choice!