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Airport TAXI

Air transportation is more and more popular form of travel. We all fly cheap and more offen. Our company specializes in Airport TAXI services to or from airports in the region. We serve most of the airports in the country and abroad. Our home airports are: KRK Cracow Balice and EPNL Łososina Dolna. All our transfers are to the towns and cities in the Beskid Sadecki and Lesser Poland. Book your taxi to the airport and comfortably start a holiday or a business trip with CAB PL.

NOTE: CAB PL TAXI on route from the airport KRK Crakow Balice to Nowy Sacz and Krynica Zdroj uses motorway, national roads and local roads. On this route TAXI CAB PL do not expected any additional stops. The duration of the transfer is approximately 2 hours (Nowy Sacz) and about 2.30 minutes Krynica Zdroj. We remind that on Mondays and Fridays duration of the journey may be slightly longer. To order your AIRPORT TRANSFER – TAXI contact the customer service department: +48 504325888 or fill out a simple form.

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Calculator Airport Transfer

Pricing Airport Transfer – Airport TAXI

Description of service Price
KRK Balice Kraków–Nowy Sącz from: 400PLN
KRK Balice Kraków–Krynica Zdrój from: 500PLN
KRK Balice Kraków –Zakopane from: 600PLN
EPNL Łososina Dolna NS-Nowy Sącz from: 140PLN
EPNL Łososina Dolna NS-Krynica Zdrój from: 240PLN
WAW Okęcie-Chopina-Nowy Sącz from: 1600PLN
KTW Pyrzowice Katowice-Nowy Sącz from: 850PLN
KTW Pyrzowice Katowice-Krynica Zdrój from: 900PLN
RZE Jasionka Rzeszów-Nowy Sącz from: 650PLN
RZE Jasionka Rzeszów-Krynica Zdrój from: 700PLN
WMI Modlin, WAW Okęcie-Chopina Warszawa-Nowy Sącz from: 1600PLN
WMI Modlin, WAW Okęcie-Chopina Warszawa-Krynica Zdrój from: 1650PLN
TAT Poprad Tatry (Słowacja)-Nowy Sącz from: 450PLN
TAT Poprad Tatry (Słowacja)-Krynica Zdrój from: 420PLN
KRK Balice Kraków – Stará Ľubovňa Słowacja from: 560PLN
Nowy Sącz – Stará Ľubovňa Słowacja from: 390PLN

With CAB PL TAXI you have the following methods of payment: pay by bank, credit card, cash PLN or foreign currency: EUR, USD, GBP

1 EUR = 4PLN

IMPORTANT: If there are any changes to your booking, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service department with a prepared reference number. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can quickly amend changes to your booking.

Advertising inside the taxi – directly into the hands of your customers!

Your leaflets and promotional material will be exposed inside our taxis, and the additional effective advertising on the back of the receipt from the cash register is one of the best solutions for your business, hotel, institution or organization. Our taxis serve hundreds of customers throughout the region which respond into the effective way of advertising. Call and find out more: +48504325888

We offer:

  • competitive advertising rates
  • a very large range and effectiveness – our cars every week travel airport customers
  • effectiveness of promoting your business

Premium – chauffeur

Sometimes we need something more than a taxi. Therefore, you may think of our offer on premium services CAB PL. With this service it will be an unmarked car, without ads and properly dressed driver exclusively just for you in the hourly or daily rates. The service also known as a private driver, chauffeur. A very useful form of travel to concerts, business meetings, galleries, cultural or sporting events. Full discretion, classy and elegant. Book today to be sure of availability.

Airports – Train Stations

We offer:

 Airport Transfers: KRK Cracow Balice (im.JPII), WAW Okecie-Chopin’s Warsaw, Warsaw Modlin WMI, RZE Jasionka Rzeszow, EPBC Babice Warsaw, Katowice Pyrzowice KTW, EPKM Muchowiec, LUZ Lublin, EPNL Lososina Dolna Nowy Sacz, EPNT Nowy Targ, TAT Tatry-Poprad (Slovakia). All airport transfers are to the towns and cities in Lesser Poland, the Tatra Mountains region and the districts of Beskid Sadecki or Highlands. Our home airport is KRK Balice John Paul II Kraków and EPNL Lososina Dolna – Nowy Sacz.

City Transfers: bus stations, operated by the MDA, local, long distance and international routes. Train stations Nowy Sacz, Crakow for the high-speed intercity railways and Pendolino.

Bookings and Reservations

In the first step, enter your details, and then select the planned route, date and add comments such as “Child safety seat”. Please fill out all the required fields. Orders through the following form should be submitted at least twelve hours earlier.

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Please note that telephone booking operate from 08:00 to 23:00.

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  • Booked transfers will be further confirmed by e-mail with a reference number.
  • Transfers not confirmed will not be execute.