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Taxis are great, fast and comfy means of transport in the congested city. Within the borders of Nowy Sacz town – CAB PL TAXI NOWY SACZ offers licenced cab taxi services. The best in the region, appreciated by lots of businesses and individual clients. Modern, clean with the easy payment by credit card. Quickly and comfortably we will take you to designated place. In the CAB PL Group ® Taxi Nowy Sacz you can count on a modern, safe cars , licensed, trained and elegant drivers, and the highest quality of service. Our experience make every journey comfortable and luxurious. Order today and try the highest standard of services in our local taxis.

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Pricing TAXI

All prices are gross

Tariff Description of service Price Price with discount 20%
  Initial hire fee, obligatory when confirm the hire 7.00 PLN    5.60 PLN
Tariff 1 Valid weekdays between 06.00-22.00 hours 3.00 PLN    2.40 PLN
Tariff 2 Valid weekdays between 22.00-06.00 and on Sundays and Bank Holidays 4.50 PLN    3.60 PLN
Tariff 3 hire to travel outside the city limits without return (one way) weekdays between 06.00-22.00 5.00 PLN    4.00 PLN
Tariff 4 hire to travel outside the city limits without return (one way) weekdays 22.00-06.00 and on Sundays and Bank Holidays During whole day 6.00 PLN    4.80 PLN
The fee for one hour waiting (all tariffs) 30.00 PLN   24.00 PLN

Prices for additional TAXI Services

All prices are gross

Description of service Price
Shopping 20.00 PLN
Courier Services 20.00 PLN
Shopping trip outside city limits 20.00 PLN + fare/meter from city limits
Courier Services outside city limits 20.00 PLN + fare/meter from city limits

CAB PL: professionalism, safety, modern taxi

All our drivers speak fluently English flaga angielski

Order now: +48 504 325 888


Advertising in local taxi is the best method to reach customers. Your business should not miss such a good offer. Your image inside the taxi – or directly into the hands of your customers! Your leaflets and advertising material exhibited inside our taxis, and the possibility of advertising on the back of the receipt from the cash register is one of the best solutions for your company, hotel, institution or organization. Our taxis serve hundreds of customers throughout the region which translates into the effectiveness of advertising. Call and find out more: +48504325888

 We offer:

  • competitive advertising rates
  • a very large range and effectiveness – our cars daily travel thru the whole city!
  •  effectiveness of promoting your business

For Business

If you run a company, hotel or business in the region, your employees often travel using taxis? We invite you to read the offer from CAB PL Group ® for companies and other organizations and institutions. With bussines cooperation with us, we will help you significantly reduce costs and equip you with the tools to monitor them. The cooperation agreement with the CAB PL TAXI apply in the whole region of Beskid Sadecki, so your employees can freely use the taxis in all cities, also using the saver cards of CAB PL, and once a month you get an invoice. You can always check the status of your account, by contacting the customer service department, or by email CAB PL – TAXI Business. You can only benefits from this offer! Do not waste your time! If you want your business partner or client to reach your address with no time? Trust us, our driver will pick your guest from the airport arrival hall or train station and will take in a comfortable car to meeting with you. Time is money! The ideal solution for you with CAB PL – TAXI Business. Book in advance and let us take care of your image!

Taxi Business ▪ 8.00-17.30 ▪ tel: (+48) 504 325 888

Pre-paid vouchers for Individual Client

We are not forgetting our individual clients, we have prepared an offer has just for you on prepaid vouchers CAB PL TAXI. Our vouchers for private customers is the perfect solution for you and your family. If you already have a saver card GOLD or SILVER, additional vouchers will be as comfortable and beneficial. Our vouchers are a great option for parents who want their children or family safely traveled in taxis in Nowy Sacz and the surrounding area without having to pay cash. Our company CAB PL Group ® introduces this system as the first to market Beskid Sadecki for your convenience. Simple, transparent and fair solutions is our domain. Comfort and luxury are already well-known brand of the group. We are proud that we can support local businesses and also take care of individual clients in our region. To order our pre-paid vouchers – you must fill out a simple form or call the customer service department ▪08.00-17.30▪ tel: (+48) 504325888

* more about vouchers for business you can find in the Business TAXI tab.


Customer Service Phone: (+48) 504 325 888

Sometimes it happens that the rush hours or the time in which you need a taxi is busy or need a long wait for first avialiable cab. A great option is booking, sometimes referred to as forward rate taxi service. Booking before your journey to travel outside the city, an airport or local taxi fare, you are assured that you will arrive on time and the service can be performed without a problem of waiting, often very long. Customer support will send a message what color, side number and brand of car your taxi will do the job. Book your journey with CAB PL Group ® today and be sure that the service will be done.


The offer CAB PL Group ® have for you is modern, fashionable, safe and innovative TAXI VIP service for anyone who is looking for a higher standard transportation. Security and luxury and make no compromises that everyone can feel special. The ideal solution for special events, weddings, private shopping and airport transfers and transport options. Our team will try to ensure that all the details were worked out at the highest quality. If you need help using a non-standard order, please call us, we will try to help you and make your journey of the VIP taxi.